Vision and Aims


At Kingswood Parks Primary School, we aim to provide a happy, stimulating and secure community for every child.


Our children will experience and actively participate in an enjoyable and challenging curriculum. They will have the opportunity to reach their full potential and aspire to achieve excellence in everything they do.  Children will become thoughtful and responsible young people who respect themselves, those around them and their environment.


Everyone who works in our School is valued as an individual and our staff work as a team.  Kingswood Parks strongly values the partnership between home, school and community.


 As a school we value:

· The happiness of children, families and staff;

· Caring staff who respect and know the children very well;

· The development of self-confidence, self-motivation and independence;

· Co-operation, collaboration and teamwork;

· Safe and secure spaces where children can explore, discover and experiment;

· The natural environment, the local community and the wider world;

· A stimulating and challenging Curriculum which enables the children to reach their full potential across all areas of learning;

· Praise and celebration of the achievements of every child;

· Raising aspirations and a commitment to lifelong learning;

· Working in partnership with others to meet the needs of all the children and their families;

· All aspects of British life and culture; celebrating differences, diversity, core values and preparing children for life in Britain today.