Attendance at Kingswood Parks Primary School

At Kingswood Parks, we celebrate our attendance on a Monday morning.  If a class achieves 100% attendance for the week before, they receive a certificate for their classroom and a star on the Attendance Board in the School Hall.  If they achieve 6 weeks 100% attendance during the term, the whole class receives a special treat.

School Attendance by Class


This week's whole school attendance stands at 97.6%.


Individual Class Attendance is as follows:


FS1AM: 90% FS1PM: 96.1%  
FS2D: 98.3% FS2G: 95.4% FS2R: 97%
YR1C: 99.6% YR1D: 96.6% YR1M: 98.3%
YR2F: 96.3% YR2M: 99.1% YR2S: 96.3%
YR3LB: 99.6% YR3S: 99.1% YR3SB: 99.5%
YR4G: 96.4% YR4H: 96.6%  
YR5HP: 100% YR5MP: 98.8% YR5Q: 96.9%
YR6B: 98.1% YR6R: 99.5%  


Well done to all those classes with 100% attendance this week, excellent.